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Use Creative Zen as USB drive?


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I wanted to ask here before I totally lost hope.

Its annoying, because it limits the use of my Creative Zen greatly. Im so used to going to mates houses, and plugging my MP3 player into their computer, and playing my obviously superior taste in music at them :P.

But it cant be done now I bought this Creative Zen. You have to install some crapware to access the thing. Which meant that when i copied my music to it, I went to play the music from the Zen (on a computer with the crapware installed), but couldnt access the "open with.." right-click option.

Is there any way to use this as a "normal" USB drive, like Plug N Play?



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Does it wrap DRM around the files. That may be why it doesn't play without their software.

Looks like it has a HDD in it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ebDtrYubok...feature=related

modded firmware: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JGIKss3L7s

Howto Mod Firmware: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zBx5lSPkCo

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Wow, Digip, thanks for the really fast reply.

Really sorry, I should have cleared this up. Im using the "Creative Zen". Its confusing, as Creative had a line called the Creative Zen, which included the vision M, Zen Stone and some others. But this is just the Creative Zen. Its a flash based Media Player.


The music on that flash demo sounds like its straight from a porno..

EDIT: Wow, thanks alot for that modding link digip. Thats my Zen model right there. Legend :D

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Thanks for the reply :).

On XP, I went to Device Manager. It come up under "Portable Devices" as "Creative Zen"; Im betting the "Portable Devices" entry was made when I installed the software. Didnt find much when I went to "Properties" :(

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Here is what I would suggest...

Try cding (change directory ) to it in Cygwin (or other Linux/Unix/BSD (basically not windows not DOS) environment), a) no windows because well the cli has (correct me if I am wrong but this is what happened to my ipod classic (encryption etc (itunes installed disk mode )) and what I have read) little to no usb drive support and B) if you can then I am willing to bet that however it is blocking it is just through windows explorer. Try it in Linux also see if it shows up there (point to windows something or other creative is using to stop you from seeing it). See if it shows up in your BIOS (not sure if it will I know my ipod does show up but BIOS just stops when trying to boot from it). Hope it helps.

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Oh, sorry somethingtochatwith! My bad. To be honest, i didnt even know what disk management was until I finally found it in system32 folder :huh:. Stupid zen doesnt show up in Disk Management at all.

@Zimmer: Cheers mate. Iv got a few Linux LiveCDs kicking about, so Ill boot to one and try and mount the zen as a normal drive. Ill report back with results :D.

Thanks for the replies :)

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Just tried fdisk -l. It didnt work. Picked up my other USB drives, and using trial and error, I found that it didnt pick up the Zen.

However, USBView and PupScan both pick up the Zen.

Using Puppy 4.2 btw.

Thanks, and again sorry for the slow reply. Becoming a bit of a habit..

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