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Has any one ever used Netscape?


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I just installed it for the first time ever and I hate it.

Firstly, the installer by default wanted me to subscribe to some crazy services, which I promptly unchecked. When I got the browser running, Kerio freaked out as Netscape tried to connect to 50ish servers! Not only that, after I told kerio to perminantly denie Netscape Internet access, the security thing was souting at me "Oh look, your anti-spyware, anti-phishing updates are out of date, you better up date them!", who ever made this browser so craptastic deservs to die. After I managed to shut the security thing up I noticed a (blank) news ticker, even IE doesn't have some thing that crap!

That reminds me, by default "Render selected sites using Internet Explorer engine" was on by default, sounds like a posible major security flaw to me, I turned it off. After I got though all this, I finaly managed to do what I wanted to do in the first place which was to test this page, it did work, and the only browser I have found that it doesn't work in is Internet Explorer, it works fine with all other tested browsers (Opera, Firefox, Netscape).

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Netscape was great up to and including version 3. Version 4 was okay, but was kinda getting in the way. I think 5 got scrapped, and 6 was basically Mozilla with ads. Seriously, why bother?

Do note though, that back then Netscape made a pretty decent webserver. It's been a marginal player from the get-go I think, but it worked well, and was my first experience with writing webserver modules (NSAPI for Netscape, ISAPI for IIS. Apache has something but I never made anything for them).

To be honest, I seriously wonder why there still is a Netscape. They're part of AOL-Time-Warner. Give up the brand while it's still got a little bit of credibility left.

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I'm going to keep the browser installed, but I'm never going to use it again unless I need to test a webpage I made works with it.

Why bother? Most people use IE6, a few use firefox, a few use safari, the occasional visitor uses opera and about 1% use something else. If it sucks as bad as you say, i doubt anyone will be using it, and are the differences with the mozilla/firefox base large enough to need it for testing?

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Thats what I get... and you've blocked everything else as well for IE viewers... great stuff

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I used 4 and 5 until I discovered Firefox.

5 didn't exist.

I used 1 and 2 a bit, spent years on 3, and a long time on 4.x - but this was on the 486 I had up until 2000. LOL

I still primarily use and prefer Seamonkey, because the UI, menus, navigation, shortcuts, everything, etc. are all very similar to the early netscapes. And I luvs it. :)

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