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Whats this hash


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Does anyone know what this hash is?

It's 13 characters in length. I'm trying to figure out what type of cypto hash

So I can run John or some rainbow tables on it

Where did the string come from?

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Where did the string come from?

It looks like a 3DES hash like what older versions of UNIX-Like operating systems use.

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Finally cracked it sometime between 880 and 937 days.

guesses: 0 time: 880:14:43:12 c/s: 2388K trying: 9UwBji6R - 9UwBjswf
QwertyU1 (root)
guesses: 1 time: 937:14:05:57 c/s: 3082K trying: @6jIhQG- - @6jIhLU'

You would think with an easy password like that, that it would have been cracked a lot sooner.

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Yes... I have servers sitting around doing nothing but running the cracker in the background. Not 4 years only 2.5 years. I basically started the cracker when I first viewed this post and sometime in the last two months my server cracked it.

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