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Download a file[Python]

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import urllib2
url = raw_input("Url : ")                            
outputname = url.split('/')[-1]                    
outputname = open(outputname,'w')          
for line in urllib2.urlopen(url).readlines():    
print "Done"

With this code you can download from http and from ftp

you can find more info here: http://docs.python.org/library/urllib.html

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damn 8 lines, impressive

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I found what i needed.. sort of

import urllib

What I am trying to do is to have a server respond to a command like, download file.com/here.ext but im having trouble with if command == "download ":, it will not respond to it if there is more after download and * doesnt work.

This is what I am working with atm:

    elif command == download:
        download = "download " + *
        download = s.replace('download ','')


    elif command.startswith("download")
    file = command.replace('download ','')

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