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Is This router worth it?


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Hey all, i ordered a laptop last week and i would like to go on the internet with it. Thing is i currently dont have a router as everything is hard wired

modem ->usb-> pc ->lan-> ps3

I like to think that setup is secure -_-

Anyway now that i have a laptop ill need a wireless network in the house. Because theres always the possiblilty of outside intruders on the network, i want it secure as possible. I see WPA2-PSK is the most secure... but can it be cracked?

Anyway after searching for a bit, i found this:


On paper it seems good but as ima novice in the network department i was wondering if this router is the best choice for the money. Thx.

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Thats the router that im currently using (but cable version) it works ok for me but one thing i havee seen was that the ps3 i have lag's when it goes wireless though that router (but is fine on an older router).

wpa2 can be cracked but isnt easy but anything is better than WEP

To make it more safer is to have mac filter on (means only wifi devices on its list will allow it on.)

another is to turn the ssid boardcast off as a few devices see a hidden network but when display it (my ipod touch does it)

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I can't recommend Belkin. Not only reliability issues but they have been known to hijack failed DNS requests to point to an advertising page. Don't reward them with your cash.

I'd recommend a router supported by DDWRT/Tomato that supports WPA/WPA2 and that way you know what you're running on YOUR router.

There are some N routers supported now - Worst case pick up a WRT54GL and settle for G but knowing that you have the best router for under $2k.

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