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Mounting laptop motherboard in DVD player case


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I need some suggestions on mounting a laptop motherboard into a DVD player case. I have the DVD player components out and the laptop motherboard, but I don't really see any practical way to mount it in the case. I can't find any motherboard standoffs tall enough to mount it properly. (The inside of the DVD player case is kind of an odd layout. ).

Before anyone asks, the DVD player wasn't really reading disks any more, and the LCD on the laptop is no good, so I figured I would combine them to make a standard definition mythtv frontend hidden inside the DVD player case and have it feed to the TV through the S-Video out on the laptop motherboard.

Any suggestions for supplies,tools etc would be appreciated. I know I will have to make some small holes etc in the side of the case to line up the ports on the motherboard and all that.

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making standoff can be fairly easy, all you need is some small plastic tubes like this


instead of threading the top you can just use wood screws.

Connect all of the standoffs to the mobo, add glue to the bottom and place in the case.(if you want you can alse screw in the standoffs from the bottom of the case.

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