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IR gun + Wiimote + Projector = FPS Fun


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i have an idea for a mod. came up with it last night and thought it would be a fun little project.

use a projector for the screen.

use a ddr mat or smallish keypad, can be wireless or not. this is for movement and other functions.

customize a DIY burning laser


but instead of using the burning laser diode use an IR one out of a CD/RW drive.

use a camera or some sort of IR filter to adjust the focus. use the switch on the trigger to turn it on.

another alternative is to code a multi-point framework and have 2 IR laser diodes. one for looking (when you move the gun your screen moves as well) and the other to shoot. this option is a lot more work.

this is mounted inside a Laser Tag gun, along with a wireless controller guts, only needs 3 buttons (or how ever many your gun has, mine has 3 and trigger) need the wireless controller guts to not use much power as it all has to run off 3V (2xAA batteries)

use a wiimote as an IWB with the Smoothboard software (http://www.smoothboard.net/) as it has support for controls when clicking off the screen area.

there is prob an alternative using a web cam and an IR filter.

connect all to computer and configure controls for FPS game. and enjoy.

anybody else think this will be a fun waste of time? when i finish some of my other projects i might get started on it. :)

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Hmm, this sounds like a really interesting idea. I'm not sure what you plan to accomplish with the laser, but the idea of incorporating a ddr mat sounds really neat. If I ever get around to getting a wiimote, I think I going to try this.

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Yep i've had the exact same idea for a while but i was going to take it a step further and incorporate ir head tracking (or possibly with a webcam through the use of faceAPI) which allows you to look more naturally through your environment.

For the DDR mat you could write some simple software to detect things like running and croucing (possible going prone as well).

The issue is now project natal possibly makes this all look like arcane crap. I just hope someone manages to hack project natal or the api becomes freely available because its potential is limitless

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