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Command Line Sleep


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Here is a python version of sleep just convert to you OS enjoy! Also please comment on errors or features you want.


import time
import sys
for i in sys.argv:
    if i == '-m':
    if i == '-min':
    if i == '-hour':
if t=='hour':
if t=='m':
if t=='min':
    print 'An Unknown Error Ocurred. Press Enter to Exit'
    raw_input(' ')

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Is time.sleep(1) on windows the same as time.sleep(1) on linux?

Basically this is a python script to have a sleep command on windows and mac ox x, both I believe don't have a command except if ping to >nul (clumsy). the time.sleep(1) is python module time and the command sleep sleeping for 1 second. This script excepts -m for milliseconds -s for seconds (defaults to that) -min for minutes and -hour for hours. It then scans the arguments and parses them if there is a problem it quits with 1 as a return value (saying it failed) and saying something went wrong.

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C++ Sleep command, made it for my NintendoDS as DevKitARM dont have a sleep command.

void sleep(int secs) {
   int start = time(NULL);
   while ((time(NULL) - start) < secs) {

Delphi port

procedure sleep(secs:integer);
  while (time(nil) - start) < secs) do
        //DO NOTHING!

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