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Tunneling UR Traffic


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So I didn't want to set up an SSH server that's running 24/7 running my electric bill up even higher...

So I started searching for alternative ways to get a secure tunnel, I thought hmm... wouldn't it be nice if there was a service on the internet that allowed me to tunnel through using a secured server, well I found one ... and the cool thing is that it's only a few bucks a month, it would cost me more than that on my electric bill, to set up an SSH server.

The service is called GoTrusted and it establishes a VPN connection with GoTrusted's domain and tunnels all my traffic with SSL 128 bit encryption. It also hides my real ip address and assigns me a 'public' ip address.

There's zero config too, just install their software and connect to your secure tunnel and start your browser.

Now my question is what are the pros/cons of this compared to setting up my own SSH server at home, in the way of security, because like I said for me it's obviously more convenient for me to do this.

I mean is this just as secure or any cons to this over your own tunnel ?

(I don't need free wifi, I have a WWAN card so I can go anywhere)

Would this type of service be more exploitable?

Would Darren's Pineapple be able to steal my cookies?

I actually, in my opinion wished they were using RSA 128 bit, but SSL is cool too....

And is SSL any less secure than Secure Shell ... I may be a bit behind in the times on this, is SSL being cracked at all ?

Would love a reply back from Darren or Matt, but anyone else with some thoughts on this is cool too.

I myself can't find any security holes with using this, but then again I don't build pineapples to steal people's traffic ...lol :lol: ;) ;)

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I don't build pineapples to steal people's traffic ...lol :lol: ;) ;)

Um, neither do we, and thats not what the device does, exactly. Also, most people here either learn how to SSH through their own machines, or have their own website that they can tunnel through. I myself tunnel through my website, and it doesn't cost me monthly charges, just my yearly renewal, and I get a whole lot more than just SSH capability for about the same price. I also don't have to worry if GoTrusted can be trusted.

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What is "UR traffic"? is it:

Unrelated Traffic?

United Relief Traffic?

Tell el-Mukayyar, Iraq Traffic?

Underground Resistance Traffic?

University of Rochester Traffic?

USE REAL traffic?



"Your". This is not SMS, or shorthand class... USE REAL words.

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sudo apt-get install openssh privoxy

I fail to see the complexity o_o Not to mention I don't trust a 3rd party with my traffic.

QFE! Thank you. Although, if yoru runnign linux, ssh should be installed by default. Just generate new keys before using it.

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