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Automatic SSH Tunnel when Connection Established


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Hi all,

I have been scrounging the interwebs trying to find a solution to this issue I have been having at my school.

They block certain sites that I enjoy visiting, as well as mangling any torrent file downloaded through there network.

This can all be bypassed by ssh tunneling into my server at home (really helpful to download a torrent and then start it on their network with the 8mb/second down pipe :lol: )

What I have done so far to automate the process is install foxyproxy and define some rules so it only uses this tunnel for certain domains so as to not slow me down completely and I have setup pre-shared keys and saved my session in putty for the connection.

What I want to do is some how make it so that when I am connected to the internet it will auto launch my saved putty session (transparently would be nice too (pretty sure you can do that by running it as a service)

I was thinking something in task scheduler but cant figure out specifics of how to determine if you are connected to a network or not.



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