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Jasager and still get free fon wifi

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If all you want is "Free Wifi" beacons then ssh to the fon and run

iwconfig ath0 essid "Free Wifi"

I think beaconing is on by default, if not you'd also need an iwpriv command to enable it. Try and see.

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The idea behind it is you share your wifi and others share with you. Could i just mimic the fon heartbeat so i can use other wifi for free when traveling? i still want to hack the fon with jasager (looks like a fun project) i just ordered one last night.

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the heartbeat is not the wireless beacon.

The heartbeat it a signal sent back to FON headquarters letting them know that the fon is active (for mapping and account rights) making you an active contributing member fonera or an Alien that has to pay for service.

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ok, in which case I haven't done anything with that. There is a ddwrt project for doing something like that though I think.

If you just unlock your fon and install Jasager on there it should work fine. Flashing a new firmware obviously will remove the callbacks to the fon community so you will be forced to work with the official fon firmware. It runs a special openwrt 7.09 so I see no reason why it would not work to run Jasager on it with the official firmware.

Something like this would need to be done for the Fon+: http://www.fonboard.nl/wiki/HowTo_Fonerapl..._La_Fonera_Plus

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I for the most part found out how to add heartbeat to any router, just need someone to wireshark the fon and see what its sending to where.

this link may give you a bit of information:


In the comments they discuss the heartbeat tying it to: http://download.fon.com/heartbeat.php?mac=

The link is a bit outdated so YMMV.

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