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metasploit.com defaced?


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:ph34r: OMFG! Quick, format your HDD, the DHS might come and see that you visited a government restricted site! Erase your tracks, pack up all your stuff and move! Whatever you do, don't download metasploit from their site any more! http://metasploit.com/framework/ It contains conficker and the government will take over your pc!
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haha scroll to the bottom


Eh! Delete that shite! Ruin it for the rest of us why dont you!

On another note, Go to you tube and for any video url, add "&flip=1" to flip the text, "&flip=0" to fix it. Their little A1st joke I guess.

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Wow that is pathetic. At the end of the page it says april fools and gives you a link to the page today. I can't believe no one saw that.



We all saw it...that was our point.

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