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Odd Key.. Hackable?


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I was trying to do some research on this key but I cant find anything. The door key slot is like a usb slot.. but its obviously not usb...

anyone ever see these before or know how to rig one up so it can be read?

Looks like a circuit board. maybe you can make some sort of printed curcuit board to lay over it or just try some wires on it to a serial port or something. Not sure what you would need to read it though or if one part of it receives and another part sends data on one of those connectors. Where did you get it? The door it goes into, is there any kind of name or branding on it?

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Could be a smart card in an odd form factor with a proprietary reader. If you split it open you'd probably find very little inside, perhaps a small board with a single chip on it and not much more. I've never seen one before but I imagine it's either some form of memory with an access code stored on it.

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