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Scan for Downadup/Conficker


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Simple Nmap 4.85BETA5 command to scan for Downadup/Conficker.

nmap -PN -T4 -p139,445 -n -v --script=smb-check-vulns --script-args safe=1 [targetnetworks]

But what does it all mean?

-PN means to treat all hosts as online, and skip host discovery, which basically means don\'t try to ping ths hosts. This is useful because lots of hosts/firewalls drop icmp traffic.

-T4 is used to speed up the scan

-p139,445 tells it to scan those ports, which are related to samba windows file sharing

-n says don\'t try dns resolution

-v means make it spit out more information(aka verbose)

--script=smb-check-vulns runs the lua script smb-check-vulns, which appears to check for a few different vulnerablities. This script gets passed the safe=1 option which according to the web page tells the script to only do checks which are presumably safe for the system you are scanning against; the page warns that unsafe checks on a compromised system may cause it to crash.

Also more info on the approaching doom :rolleyes:

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