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CommandLine Toolkit


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Command Line ToolKit

This will be a Archive of As many Command Line Programs I can fit in 100 mb of Space, they will all (or almost all) relate to taking control of a Windows Computer.

Current Status: Pre-Alpha, I have Almost all the tools, now to arrange them properly and figure out a way around the "Blocked EXE" problem. I would also like to get some Remote Tools Built into this as well.

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If I have this right, I can't help but think what an inefficient use of 100mb. It's kind of like a greatest hits album, just host the links. That way people can pick and choose what they need/want. Maybe I'm wrong...

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if these wernt computer dependable they would be insane. Just imagine putting them onto a USB stick and using a batch file to run them all with a vbs to do it silently too! I have been looking for such 'command based' programs but cant find any let alone a package of them. I dunno if this is still a orking project but it would really be kewl and i would be interested in downloading it. Does anyone know of a place where I can download command based programs?

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