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Nvidia geforce 6200a vs ATI Radeon x1300


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Ok I havn't been all that great with choosing video cards. All I look at is the memory of the card and ports it has but i have two cards that have 256mb memory, and both vgi, dvi, and svideo on them. But if you had to pick between the two, which one would be better for gaming? I know there are better ones but if you only had the choice between these two, which one would you pick?

Nvidia geforce 6200a

ATI Radeon x1300

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acually I take that back. Cod5 is not running that great on the ati. Im going to try the BFG (Nvidia) Tomarrow.

You are not going to make much headway with any of those video cards. If you wanna go cheap get an 8800 GT.

Those two cards that you mentioned are too old (4 years). Also do your self a favor and look at the system requirements for a game and use the recommended video card if you can.

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To be fair to the 6200, I had one for a few years and to be fair in its day it was OK card, ran BF2 kinda OK. But in todays world its just a card you want to use in a linux system for a bit of compiz.

I recently got a 9800GT which was very cheap (£100) and it runs everything fine at 1600x1200.

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Aye, got that t-shirt to, and wore it until it had holes. I take it its an AGP system?

yeah i was wondering that as well. i mean i have one box in the closet that collects dust that has an agp port and honestly if i were you i wouldnt dump any money into any upgrades on a computer that old. if you can i would get a new mobo, processor and vid card, canibalize the other parts from your old box like the hard disk, optical drives etc and just get going with some newer shit.

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