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F1 season finaly started


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so who do you want to see win this season ??

myself its lewis button or webber

its great to see button on pole but the aus gp suits his driving style and its nice to see a good can under him

god knows what games mclarren are playing but they have really took there eye off the ball

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The new cars just look wrong (front wing is too big for that tiny back wing) and the engines just aren't as urgent as they were. 19,000 RPM was just chilling to hear from the on board.

Nice to see that slicks are back though.

For all the US guys (and girl) that are F1 fans, Peter Windsor's team is supposed to be on the grid next year with US drivers. Someone has to make up where Super Aguri left off. (Just kidding)

I do wish them all luck and hope that everyone's careful with the new rules. I fear that we might get a lot more airborne in crashes this year.

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well that has to be the best start of a season race i have watched in all my 20 years of folowing f1

the new rules have certainly mixed it up and made for more over taking

well done jenson

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i love F1 and see'ing button on pole was ace, i also love kimi, i just love the way he shows no emotion, they wont lewis win the championship as they keep changing the rules to stop him, anyway yeah its nice to have the sundays filled again with the sound of them babbies 'kahoooning' round lol

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