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Story time!


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I have a sysadmin stories that are kinda funny.

While debugging PHP code, I had a shell open watching the error logs for mistakes when I noticed something odd out of the corner of my eye. It was along the lines of "error loading http://school.edu/~username/proxy?=http://nudiegirls.com/view_photo=?.2039842098342038/" This of course violates university policy, not only was the student using school resources for nonacademic purposes, it was also porn, and proxies aren't allowed to be installed on school servers (unless it's academic somehow).

We sent him an email. :)

What do you got?

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When I used to work for Gateway Technical Support.. (ok. it was service zone communications outsourcing)

My friend who sat next to me got a call from this woman...

He was laughing his ass off and said I had to hear this, so he put it on speaker phone and here's what I heard..

[woman]oh my god.. I just can't seem to get these nudie pictures off my screen

[child running up from background]BOOTAY!!!![child runs away]

[woman]oh no.. oh no... dont look at the screen son!

[child running up from background yet again]BOOTAY!!!![child runs away]

That was the funniest shit on a phone I have ever heard

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