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Vent: British people vs American


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I love Americans and I have dual citizenship, hell I even married an American and I will say this the only issue I have is with the American government is the deficit they have got in, which I can see affecting the tax payers (including me) hard in the future but other then that I believe that Bush believes what he did with starting a war was the right thing and the only issue I have with the war is the amount of money that it costs.

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you cant really blame all americans for what our government.

This is supposedly a democracy. So theoretically you can blame at least 51% of americans. By definition, this at least qualifies as 'most americans'.

Hmmm... where to start... Blantant abuse of resources, greed. Your goverment meddles in everyones buissness. The way your still debating issues like creationism as science. The way your goverment uses gunboat diplomacy. You spawned the RIAA/MPAA. You kill thousands for no apparent gain, and drag the world into unnessacary wars.

And this is only scratching the surface.

This has actually struck a nerve, but I don't have time to rant now.

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