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New Lab progress


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About a month ago I posted on here to pick some heads as to what cisco equipment I should purchase to setup a home lab, some of which has started to roll in and I thought I would share my progress thus far.

First up is my 42ru compaq cabinet and my HP RKM TFT5600, yes its a little dated but I was trying to do this on a shoe string budget and would rather spend a little more money on more pressing shit.


Second is my Dell power edge 2650 server, x2 Xeon 2.8 GHZ, 2 gig ram, x2 70gb hdd's among other shit. I am yet to mount this heavy piece of shit due to the rapid rails to be delivered sometime next week.


Third place goes to my cisco cat 4006 L2 switch which I have posted in here once before but meh its a bad ass looking switch.



Forth goes to my attempt at trying to tidy up the mess of cables and power chord's that belong to my home network gear.


Fifth is my work space.... or lack of it, This has since changed due to the above clean up but I am yet to get around to taking a photo. I also included my pimped up DBZ box.




Last place goes to my 15dbi omni antenna.


Coming Soon:

x2 Cisco 3640 128/32 Routers with the following

x2 NM-1E2W Ethernet Modules

x2 WIC-1T Serial Modules

(maybe 3 of each depending on funds)

x2 Cisco cat 2950t switches

x2 Patch panels

x1 Rack mountable power.

x1 30dbi Grid dish directional antenna

I have been having a great deal of headaches sourcing the routers and modules in australia but with a bit of luck I will have everything in and setup in 3 weeks from now *fingers crossed* (i will post photo's of the finished product).

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Yeah its not to shabby at all, however I have parts and other crapp scattered about my room and its starting to really annoy me due to lack of space plus I am a bit of a neat freak... OCD much. =P

I also need to get my hands on a usb to 4 port serial adaptor, KVM switch and further down the road this year I may look into a more beefy server (but the 2650 is pretty damn sweet for my current needs). I would love to get some rack mounted case's as well so I can clear the desktops off the bench to reclaim so work space but money is restrictive indeed.

In any case I will be glad when I knock it all over but then comes the hard part, learning how to put this shit to good use. Maybe once I learn how to harden a server and network properly I may even intoduce it into my home network/host stuff online. ^_^

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damn shonen, your rollin' way harder with this setup than I thought you would be.

I just got one question.. How the hell you got all this on a 'shoestring' budget?

I'd have to make a loan just for the rackmount, muchless the server!

How much you get that rackmount/andserver? or did it involve some boose, roofies and some poor old administrator? (j/k)

I know you got the switch on the cheap (and sweet as hell i might add)

Good Goin with your setup reguardless!

oh and btw!


That joystick is total awesome sauce!

oh shit! I just thought of something!

A server distributed cloud MAME system!

I know you would have to have some serious internet to do this outside the home network, but as far as inside the home network 10/100 connection would be absolutely fine for the framerate.

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Very nice shonen,

I am setting up a lab as well. Here is my post here. http://hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=12125 I am trying to make a HakSpace community.

Check it out and tell me what you think.

Maybe we could VPN (Site to Site), make some sort of tunnel into each others networks and do some pen testing and experimenting against each others labs, ne?

I will be using OpenVPN, I just got another network card for the box that will be running it, it will be up and running soon.

If anyone else is building a lab, maybe we can all network and VPN them together to make a large network for all of us to have fun with. Just an idea.

(I am loving the setup!! Dragon Ball! God, that brings back memories.)

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I might be setting up a lab similar to this soon (as im clearing out my cupboard and i will have a load of free space soon).

Ill need to work out some sort of power management as I can see myself using it, but not all of it all of the time and dont want to waste power.

Thats cool shonen.

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Dingle: Yeah I agree, having a stack load of monitors makes great eye candy but after a week or two it becomes rather impractical. Rearranging the work space and getting rid of the older computers under the desk was the first thing on the to do list. I also used this opportunity to label all of my power chords and network cable to make my life easier.

Destro: I actually am getting rid of a few old CRT monitors, but the cost of postage to America wouldn’t be worth it.

Hexskrew: Well I was initially just going to get a 18ru cabinet but these retailed for around $600+ brand new and second hand stuff on ebay was hard to come by (usually pick up only) and the cost was around $300. I ended up finding my Compaq 42ru cabinet on ebay for $420 which came with all the doors, side panel and x2 shelfs (which was a rare find and a minor cost increase for all that extra space).

The server was a impulse purchase and was not factored into my costing, I found it by accident for $440 and had a nerd-gasim and though I will take that for my MCP type stuff. To be honest it’s the first time I have seen/touched a real server and it’s a welcome change of pace from that VM stuff in class.

LOL Yes it’s a shoe string budget but I have a realistic view on what it all should cost. So far it has set me back $1700 for the cabinet, RKM, x1 rack mounted power, 4006 switch and 2950t switch. I am expecting an additional $1500 will be required to complete it with the routers with modules, kvm switch, usb to 4 port serial, cables and if I have enough left over I may grab a second server. All and all it’s not to bad considering you would pay roughly that amount for a high end gaming desktop with all the bells and whistles in Australia.

I used to be a massive mame and cps2 fan (loved street fighter vs xmen) but now days that joystick just sits in my room collecting dust. I like the idea of a mame server that does sound interesting.

My internet speeds suck at the minute; I had a VPN to my box at home and Christ it was slow! But my contract is up at the end of the year so I may look into upgrading to a business plan and possibly a dual WAN connection depending on funds.

Matt Lestock Thanks mate, it’s great to know it gets your thumbs up. Damn shoved under the stair case like that annoying sibling is a little harsh, I say reclaim some space!!!! Didn’t you guys show case this in one of the episodes or is memory playing tricks on me? In any case I would love to see what setup you guys have got going at home.

DarkBlueBox: Sounds awesome, any idea’s as to what equipment you are going to be utilizing?

Hyde: That’s a neat little setup you have got going. As for your idea of a VPN pen-testing platform it sounds totally kick ass. Once I get a little more up to speed on network security/server best practices and what have you I will enlist the help of a friend who is CCNP among other things and offer my network up as a sacrificial lamb. More than likely my LAB will get 0wned but it would be a fantastic learning opportunity. Props for the idea and the project I am really impressed.

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ah. I guess I just got a little touch of some techno-jealousy. I was going to start building my rig a few weeks ago, and ALMOST bought my first router but unfortunately my wife's car went kaput and she can only miss 2 days in her curriculum and she's out and would have to start all the way over (she's in accelerated nursing school) and only has until july till she's out.

SO... This happened...


a $9,000 bright red jelly bean/hole in me pocket...

Now for the next 4 to 5 months EVERYTHING is put on hold so no new gadgetries for me till then.

Only real good thing is, is after she get's out of school, she's going to buy a new car she wants, and I get the jelly bean, which for me is a hell of a-lot better than the p.o.s. I am driving right now..

Sorry for the sob story but someone has to hear it :P

In the mean time, I am thinking about what I a going to do when I get the car, which is....

Turn it into a mobile automated wireless network detection intrusion and packet sniffing mobile.

MAWNDIPmobile for short :D

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lmfao Jelly bean, thats a great analogy!

Turn it into a mobile automated wireless network detection intrusion and packet sniffing mobile

Thats not a bad set of wheels for 9,000, but it needs some pipage. I say mount a high gain wifi antenna on the roof, rip out the back seats for a server and shove a nas in the back to serv up mp3 tunes to your stereo system. XD

p.s: chuck in a bar fridge too.

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DarkBlueBox: Sounds awesome, any idea’s as to what equipment you are going to be utilizing?

Well, currently Im eyeing up some nice cisco networking equipment similar to yours, ive got one dell rack server (have no clue of the model number as its come off) and am looking around for some cheap ones, I have a UPS its a Compaq R1500h 2u Rack UPS that lasts for 1 hour that I got for £40 at a car boot sale and thats all i have my eye on at the moment, still thinking of what to put in it.

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I would have thought your dell server would mention the model number on the boot up screen, but maybe thats just applicable to my model.

Nice score on the 1 hour long UPS, suckers that run for that amount of time get pretty expensive. I was looking at them online and I may consider one down the track, well one that is less time than yours.

When you start getting shit rolling in post pics up, I would like to have a look.

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Less monitors please. Other than that Awesome. I cannot have more than 2 or 3 computers at a time or I just end up wasting power.

To each their own, that's what I always say. Just because you cant use more than 3 computers effectively doesn't mean others cant. My computer has 4 monitors and I have used all four frequently.

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I run multiple boxes headlessly and only need to ssh or rdp when i need to fix some setting or something like that. I also rolled out Spiceworks at home to which meant I pretty much get email alerts when there is an issue which make adminning the whole thing a piece of cake.

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lmfao Jelly bean, thats a great analogy!

Thats not a bad set of wheels for 9,000, but it needs some pipage. I say mount a high gain wifi antenna on the roof, rip out the back seats for a server and shove a nas in the back to serv up mp3 tunes to your stereo system. XD

p.s: chuck in a bar fridge too.

only got one thing to say to that


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Well guys, looks like I am getting my own apartment soon! That means I will be setting up my remote network soon XD.

My apartment will have FIOS XD. I am sooo excited! I am probably going to get 50/50 up/down, hehe. I work for verizon so I get a discount ;p.

Shonen, we should definitely link our networks together! That will allow us to setup a better testing environment and more things to play with for all of us!

We should discuss how we want to set this up, scenario wise. Like, my network is the main Domain controller with exchange, clients, and website, and your system is a remote site with clients and backup domain controller.

Or the reversed.

The possibilities are endless!

Once I move in to my new place and get stuff setup. I will change the cyberpen website to a more community interactive site with profiles and such that people can comment on and send messages to other users so we can all coordinate.

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this idea would be soo freaking awesome! it would be like an intranet spanned across the extranet!

I think this would raise a whole freaking mass load of possibilities, and I for one would love to contribute, and even put up a vm for a tree, but unfortuately with the weather down here, it would be down alot (specially right now, since we have all the spring storms and what not)

To me this sounds like something that would end up being epic. I mean like an internet for the cool hackers (dunno any other way of saying it). That only the people that were cool could join. And we could contribute to.

If you need any generic HTML coding, holla @ me. I dont know squat past basic css, but I could make something cool for pages if needed on my spare time.

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DAMN 50/50 up and down, thats bloody awesome! I wish I had that speed the cost for it down in oz would be bloody insane.

Sounds pretty sweet hide and I would be more than happy to contibute what I can with equipment and limited cisco/server knowladge at the minute (I have a lot of reading to do).

I am still yet to purchase the routers I need and its becoming a bit of a bitch, most of the models I am looking at will have to be imported from the states and when you factor in exchange rate and postage its pretty damn expensive (bloody Austrlia *shakes fist*).

Have fun moving all your gear into the appartment, I know how much of a bitch that is. XD SOOOOooo HAK.5 Comunity house warming party at Hydes place? BYW alcohol =P

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Warming party at my place eh? Soo, should we all get drunk and then work on the server equipment? Then hack, hack, hack, hack?

I have some awesome Tequila!! Also I make some awesome sangrea and fruity alcoholic beverages! I am thinking about getting some liquid nitrogen and freezing some alcohol, make them into ice cubes. heheh.

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lol I knew that suggestion would spark a party, pitty I don't live in the states.

as for what could go wrong dingle the mind worries about drunk people playing with liquid nitrogen ^_^

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