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Nerd Pride


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I watch the big bang theory

My wife and I love that show. We have every episode!

Just got my RIAA shirt in the mail today.


My power shirt should be here any day now.


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I have to say that when I open up my mac and people see the pineapple sticker and the trust your technolust sticker I get some weird reactions.

Mostly I get the question "what does jaseger mean?"

Almost like when my phone rings and my hak5 ringtones goes off. Though one time I was at an apple store and the phone rang and I got a thumbs up from someone across the room.

I'll never give it up. It's not about being different, it's about never being ashamed of the things that you enjoy.


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I have 'nerdy' ringtones on my cell... The Final Fantasy Battle finale music, Zelda tunes, Pure Pwnage, and hak5 to name a few.

Final Fantasy ringtone FTW!

Hmm, I usually wear plain clothing. I'm into computers as much as I am in to cars, huge reason why I was single for eons, I never had time to go out haha. The only shirt I have though is an EVE-Online shirt, thats basically it. I try to be subtle and not stand out. As for now I purchase inexpensive clothes and put money in stocks while they're in the crapper :D

Oh another reason why I refrain from it is about 1 of every 5 here in southern california have labled clothes... Famous s & s, skin, ecko...its everywhere! I'm so over it haha

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Sorry for quality, done with a phone. I am also wearing a Pac man 1980 champion t shirt lol


That's ace. I'll have to get one of them. I've never been one for buying computer related slogan t-shirts. Though I made my own T-shirt for charity, it was meant more as a piss take to geeks, not meant to be funny as such, just a different take. But it had the usual MaCmillan Cancer Support on the back with, cout<<"Hello world, we care too!"<<endl; On the front, we all had to do something and I was the only one interested in computers.

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