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Would anyone be interested in this project?  

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I was over on the SploitCast forum and mentioned a device from a company called Blue socket which detects computers, access points, or any other type of wireless connection device then creates reports and email them to you, so that you don’t have to constantly monitor the system, it also supports the capability to shut down rogue access points that it is either unsure of or known to be rogue points and can detect things like war driving and stop attacks to your network.

My question is, is there an open source alternative to this and if not, if I made one do you think anyone would be interested in it?

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I'm always up for new things to try. As it stands, the security in my office is a bit of a joke and everyone is looking to me to lock it down. Anything that will help me get a better understanding of security for my network would be awesome.

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It’s good to see there’s an interest, I’m going to talk about it with some of the guys from my LUG and 2600 meetings and see if they would be up for it as the last project we did was finished last month.

I'm very interested in this project as I can’t seem to find an alternative to paying out thousands of dollars for a product from Blue socket and there’s no real point to, as I can make my own using hardware I have laying around.

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