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I dont need no power


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It's an automotive jump box. Normally used to jump start a car with the need for jumper cables and another car. (also works to start your car when it's balls cold outside) What I do is it it ever gets lo on juse (I have never gotten ther) I just hook it up the the car battery and have it draw power from the car, instead of giving the car power. ALSO I paid the extra dollar and got the one with the build in DC/AC converter.

All that runs is the DSL modem and the wireless router. My laptop/psp/web tablet all have batteries so they don't need to be plugged in. Also if there batteries get low I can charge them with this.

Also @soundguymike, I'm not addicted to the internet, I went without it once for a while, or an hour, or was it a minute?..

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