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Msn problem


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Since I've downloaded the new version of MSN, after a few minutes, my msn pops up convos and send this to my contacts : Hi, ich habe letztens ein paar Superheisse Urlaubsphotos von mir

I think its a virus or something and its pissing me off

plz help

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Are you in a German IP range?

This is a method of spreading botnets, viruses etc. But it has been made poorly, you shouldn't see those windows popping up, so yea you are infected. Go change your msn password on a different computer. Depending on which one it is, there could be weeks before a fix appears due to the complexity of it.

Is it doing anything else like timing out your requests with anything related to a cure? Can you download windows updates? If you put a memory stick in, does it autorun off it?

And if it is the Conficker.C then there will be a suprise on April 1st!

netstat -an in cmd, and you should find some ports open that... well shouldn't be there.

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