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T-Mobile (uk) web 'n' walk USB Dongle


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OK so i have a T_Mobile usb dongle and they are sending me out a new one, if i manage to keep this one what possible things can i do with it

Details: HUAWEI Mobile Connect (black) with micro sd card slot

Model: E160

Im only looking for what i could do with it


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You will need a USIM (that's a so-called 3G SIM, a regular SIM can be used if the network allows 3G/HSDPA using one) for high speed data but if you only want to use it for text messages (or GPRS) then a normal SIM will do just fine. I guess you could probably use it to remotely control something with a USB port via SMS or, with some credit, have it send you status reports hooked up to a home server or something.

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Not quite. What I meant was a PC/laptop/server/whatever (or something with a host USB port -important, must be a host, so a device you can plug other USB devices into). Basically as long as you can get a driver for it and you can plug it in, you could control anything with it. Example: I have Fedora on my eee and my Huawei E220 works right out of the box. If I wanted that eee to do something then I could SMS a command to it (with a little scripting, I'm sure). I think status reports from a server would be more useful tbh, I'm struggling to think of a use for SMS controlling a PC. Still, I'm sure it's possible, so if you can think of a way to use it for something...

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thats ok, well it was not delivered today so got to wait till tomorrow.

i have the unlocking software and need to pay around £7 to get it unlocked.

i am hoping to get free internet with it but i asume i would only be able to use different sim cards in it? :S

so what options will i have when its unlocked? as for using it on the net

thanks guys

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Free internet's not gonna happen I'm afraid, you will be able to use it with other carriers though, so if you find a good deal on pay as you go mobile internet you could use it for playing around with in projects. Orange, if you have an appropriate SIM, offers £1 a day "unlimited" browsing which is nice for experimenting with if you don't want to pay a big monthly charge.

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When I went into vodafone yesterday, just to "check" on my bill, I've used so much of the Internet off my phone using Jokiuspot (max 500mb / month, I usually run it at 490mb) I got offered a 3g stick, I said something along the lines of "I don't want that contract BS, and it was pay as you go, They then explained the rest of the deal, which meant I get £100 off my next bill no matter whether I use it or not..

I loved my Three dongle, but the poor signal really ~censored~ me off...

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well ive had a result with this ;)

it turns out that t-mobile have no signal in my area so i took the laptop and one of the dongles back today,

i am now left with the other dongle, a wireless card and a 250gb hdd :)

well they tried shafting me as i got it from the carphonewarehose so i was just sold it with no postcode check, so i gathered if they try f**king me then i would f**k them :D

i am hoping that the E160 does not get blocked by imei as with mobile phones they are no good in this country if they are blocked, ill be unlocking it tonight and testing with other networks

do i just need to unlock it and set up the apn and user??

the wlan card i have it a wll3141-d4 row-rohs, can i use this with backtrack to test if i can crack my wep key? ;)

the card i have is a Dell 1397 mini-card

thanks :)

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Yes, unlock and input the connection settings for whichever network you plan to use, that's all. It's just like a phone without a screen or keypad really, and it's extremely unlikely (to the point that it almost certainly won't happen) that the dongle would get blacklisted (with a banned IMEI) unless it was reported lost or stolen.

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