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Stabilizing Battery Pack's Wires


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  1. 1. Ever broken the solder point of the battery pack wires?

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    • I don't have a battery pack
    • I dont have a Fon

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I move the Fon into the normal case for transportaion or if I dont want it to be crushed by anything & I put it in the Pineapple for coolness.


The wire snapped after a while from movement.

Has anyone else broken the battery pack wires by accident?

This is what I did to stabilize them:

[the wires hold very well now that I modded the Fon]

Wire Mod:

I used an exacto knife & cut a bit if the round thing... [in the picture]

After that, I forced the wires in.


Case Mod:

I used a knife again to cut a small hole [slopes in] at the corners of the Internet port.



End Result:

The wires lock in place when the card is fully inserted.


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Sup Dude, no offense but i really don't see the point of this mod. It is easier to use an adapter plug to plug your battery. Also you could have used hot glue gun to stabilize the wires instead of cutting into posts. in addition, you've got to use some flux when you soldering. i also prefer to use 100w iron solder(you don't heat up the board if you quick).

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