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Samsung - Locked Phone/Changed Nam? - Fix Here


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I recently was messing around with my samsung R430 (any samsung should work, but no promise)

Now I setup my phone to automatically lock on start, keep out lil-sis no prob.

Then I started messing around with it and set the phone to Nam 2

So your phone restarts and asks for your lock code no prob right? wrong... :/

Your phone will not accept any code you seem to give it.

I spent about an hour or two searching and found a solution.

Dial ##626# on your samsung phone you should get a nam menu,

hit nam 2, view, then you'll be able to see the nam number

00000000000004564 something like that,

Well a nam is partly your phone number, default security codes are usually

the last four digits of your number so guess what the last for of that nam is?

Yep! :) its your security code, enter it and enjoy...

btw, I noticed once I switched my nam back to nam 1 my security code was reset to the last four of my number...

I really hope this helps I hadn't found anything online saying how to do this, I just saw the code for the nam and realized that it would work :)

Take that Samsung! I dont need you lol, enjoy guys

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