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Thank God we don't have Bush, Obama is going to save the RIAA


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Well, if you want to ensure people can pay back loans, you need to make sure they have jobs that can support limited credit lines. You can archive this by investing in the infrastructure needed to develop private equity. This initially provides jobs building the infrastructure, provides long term employment maintaining the infrastructure and allows individuals to build there own businesses on top of this. With the increased employment tax returns will rise, which will allow you to invest in providing the education needed to take advantage of the above.

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Is it just me or is VaKo the only one being logical and thinking about the consequences of past actions and what will come of our soon-to-be-implemented, if not already implemented, actions? Most of what you all are arguing about is extremely biased and isn't backed by anything whatsoever. You're all being surrealistic, egotistical, and increasingly partisan. Without a median you cannot arrive at arrive at your destination. Without having a way to better yourself, you obviously can't better yourself. I agree with VaKo completely. Everything coming from him has been incredibly backed, unbiased, concise, and logical, while almost no one else has come close to even being worthy of being taken seriously. You're all being childish. Like VaKo said, grow up...

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But the Chaser guys seemed so happy when Howard was given the boot...

They work for the ABC. It's a given that they vote labor. I personally didn't see much bias in their shows. Seemed to dish shit equally.

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So I guess I will jump in here, late.


I agree that the RIAA has a right to protect their shareholders money by prosecuting individuals who download copyrighted content, but what I do not agree with is how they go about enforcing and sentencing people. If I murder 1 person I do not get charged with murdering 10 people. If I steal 1 car I do not get charged with stealing 10 cars. If I download one song then I should be charged for that song(plus lawyer fees). I understand the whole, "You uploaded it and are helping violate the law." theory, but the guy who sold me the gun to kill someone is also an agent acting in my behalf to help me violate the law. The RIAA is a private company and therefore should be treated as one, no help from the government. I would almost like to see a lawyer bring a case up citing;


US v Newton

People v. Taylor

And the list goes on. A private company is acting as an agent of the government. They are doing this in hopes that the government will help. Its bullshit. The only reason they are allowed to do this is because they make A LOT of money for the US(GDP).

Obama has 4 years, dont let the last president ruin everything for you. Give the guy a chance, Rome wasnt built in a day. If he fucks up then kick him out, but rageing on him before he has had the chance to do anything isnt the answer. You have a problem? Go out and do something, volunteer, feed the homeless, get active in local/town meeting, change your laws dont wait for someone to do it for you. This is YOUR country so act like it and dont let others do everything for you.

RIAA took it out of me so I cant think of anything else. All in all I think change takes time and that people complaining this early in the game are pussies. If you really have an issue dont post on /. grow a pair and get out, do something.

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I really think politically this country is getting extremely divided, if not in their own personal "I told you so's" then their own personal hatred toward the other side.

I have no idea what good obama is going to do for this country and I dont mean that in a sarcastic way, he could be good great or horrible, I have no idea. As for lifechanging, then that is a sign of someone who bought the whole "hope and change" hype and then overtwisted it in their mind, and if it was not for Obama winning, then it would be McCain supporters doing the same thing, and then everyone else would be bitching about how old he is and what he does wrong. It's like everyone is just acting like childish spectators at a movie theater.

Until we can all get together (by we I really mean the parties that be in congress and government in general) and get along the same track we are just going to start running in circles because this person axed that idea and that person axed this bill, and blah blah blah happened so he's a racist, or she's a crook, blah blah blah..

I think I just remembered why I originally just said screw politics and completely shut it out of my life. Yah, I am ignorant of it all, but truthfully I don't care. Sad I know, but it's just all a bunch of liars, rumor starters, and fingerpointers, and until the general population of our government can grow up and be men and women instead of a bunch of childish idiots then I dont want any part of it. Well... that's my last post on this thread.

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the RIAA needs to be shut down, they just try to profit from other peoples actions, it is like me watching you punch a stranger in the face and me unrelated to the event sues you for abuse, so you get a unfair punishment for punching the person, I get rich and the victim walks off with a black eye

thats pretty much what the riaa does

they don't help the artist, they just try to profit from them

they should be shut down

the record companies cause more harm than anyone else to the music industry, they crush out small artist to weed out competition for their star artist working for the company, mainstream music provided by record companies only shows a few artist and most people who listen to it will never even know about other bands out there because the goal of the record company it to make sure that the public is only exposed to music that makes them money, so if your a new artist it doesn't matter how good your music is, you will have a lot of trouble getting your music to see the light of day.

many small bands started out with posting their music on sites like youtube, pure volume and mainly bittorrent, once their music made it popular on bit torrent, they spread like wildfire and made a name for them self

many bands that are pretty popular that I listen to started off with releasing 1 or 2 songs on line and on torrent networks, and when they became popular, they began selling their music and they made a lot of money and became popular

the record companies hate this because it means more competition

with out online music sites and bit torrent, the only way to let the world know your music exists is to beg a record company to push your music out to the world, because if you are not with them, then they see you as an enemy and they will make sure no one other than your self hears your music

record companies pay off broadcast companies and many other companies that have the ability to get your music herd, so they wont accept you unless you are with a record company

a local group (they did rap, and they sounded pretty good encountered these problems)

it is a major problem

these companies also cause piracy, because they disappoint people far too much, they don't even want you to hear a second of their music for free

but when they bite the bullet and release a 30 second sample on stores , they often select a catchy part to sample but when you buy the song, you discover that only about 40 seconds of the song is actually good enough to listen to and the rest is crap and you just wasted $1

and other sites that actually give the entire song will try to keep you from recording it for personal use by under sampling the song and compressing it and applying a high pass filter or something else to lower the quality a bit more

this makes people hate the song and will encourage them to sample it by downloading a pirated copy

fans of a band will buy their music to support them, and if they don't like them then they wont buy their music, the record company wants the part of the market that doesn't want the music, by making sure they pay either way so if the song turns out to be crap, the record company still got paid

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To play devils advocate, music is a business. And record companies pay for things like studios and recording equipment, instruments, advertising, production and live shows. Producers and studio techs don't come cheap. You may not like this, but at some point someone has to pay for production.

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yep music is a business but businesses have to be responsible for their actions, they take advantage of consumers by screwing them over and shielding them from competitors music and when the consumers refuse to accept it they expect the government to empower their iron fist

they have to learn their limits

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It now seems like the RIAA and many ISPs are in bed together. In the US that is perfectly legal, as they cannot violate you rights unless there is a contract stating other wise. I agree that they need to protect their own interest, but when I can buy a song for 99cents then my punishment for illegally downloading a song should not be more than 6 times that(plus legal fees). My only issue is when they get the government involved.

Although Obama is trying to rebuild this country to its former Kenndy/Roosevelt Era, I can only see it going downhill. People are scared, and for good reasons. I am all for more government spending, but it needs to go where it counts the most, education. Without an uneducated society we are all doomed to be a nation or service providers. We need great thinkers, we need more Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Stallmans, John Mills, and George Orwells. Although they are may seem to be elitist they do help to improve the life of everyone.

When I have to pay >3000 a semester to further my learning in order to bring a more skilled/educated worker into the American workforce there is a problem. It should be the top concern of the government to educate civilians, not keep them in the dark.

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With current college pricing, you have to be bill gates just to afford it

the current educational system is outdated and inefficient. From elementary school all the way up to college, students are required to take classes that have nothing to do what they want to do in life and will often never again be used by them later on in life. Because of this you wind up with situations where you can have a student at extremely gifted and science and wants to become a doctor, but failed to graduate because he or she was not gifted enough in art class. When was the last time you've seen this happen? (patient: hello doctor, I think my leg is broken. Doctor: no problem, I will draw you a picture of a cat that will fix your liking no time)

and other than these problems, the government is usually needs to fix the extortion problem in colleges. A college is a business people made colleges to make money but it becomes detrimental to society when colleges are properly regulated

It is very difficult to make a decent living if you do not have a college education. that evil business people running the colleges know this and they take advantage of the situation by extracting as much money as possible from students by making them take useless classes that they don't need in life.

in college more than 65% of the classes you take nothing to do with your major subject or with what you want to do in life but the college will not allow you to graduate unless we take those classes

Because of the little to no government regulation and the fact that these businesses have nearly total control of the future of the people living in this country, the business people running the colleges are able to hold everyone's future ransom and this guy is this despicable activity by using names such as general education requirements

And in other cases, senseless prerequisites like students not being able to complete computer science unless they have taken a minimum of History 201

what does Christopher Columbus have to do with java and C++?

to complete your major and graduate, you will have taken 50-60 credits in your major subjects

and 55-70 credits in so-called "general education requirements" 90% of what you learn in the general education, you will never use in life

the more useless requirements people add to the educational system, the more chances students have to fail and when they fail it is often at something they don't want to do in life and will never see again

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