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A little travel advice please.


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I've left things a bit late. The other day i thought to myself i might goto america and goto CMA fest. While over there travel for a few weeks and see sight and artists and what not. It has been eating at me so i think **** it i'm doing it i'm a bit cashed up(6g) atm(not rich heh) also have 7 grand limit on my CC... I've worked my ass off since school and in turn lived a pretty boring 2 years. I need some advice because i'd be a lone fricken traveler. I assume i'd be right for CMA fest as i'd meet plenty of people... I'm only 19(21 ID) and my mates have uni commitments and what not(lack of dosh). I really need some advice. I'll pretty much go from finishing tafe semester(as I can’t get a fricken job ) and onto a plane. I want to goto CMA fest what sort of **** would i need, where would ya stay. What other things should i get setup before i get there for it. I'm new at this. USA be first stamp on my passport. I'd spend a few days in Nashville then probably move around a bit. I'm thinking Miami, then Texas and finally California (this might change if favourite artists are performing elsewhere heh). I really need a bit of advice on what to do in Nashville. Perhaps some ideas for the other area’s I plan to visit.

Any how any comments would be really useful. As I’m becoming a plumber I probably won’t have this opportunity for a while if I don’t do this. Are there any packages I could get where I might be able to travel to cma fest with a group of aussies.

I won’t be able to respond to any questions tomorrow as I’m handing out how-to vote cards from 6 til 6.

Also would their be a better forum to do this in?



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I don't live in new York, but there are some greeat places. Tell me what specific stuff your into and I can help. Also I think it is awesome that you are taking time off, most people don't think about it. This reminds of the saying time goes by fast an if you don't stop to look around you will miss it.

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