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Did you mean to type that?


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lol worst type I have ever came across was while chatting with a female freind were she said:

brb I am going to go out for a quick wank

either she was being a little to honest or she was suppose to say walk.

Fuck did I laugh when reading that, stupid women thought I wouldn't pick up on that bwahahahaha.

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LAWL @Darren!!!

hmm.. I have had a good many typo-f*(ckups.. (specially on this forum!)

dunno. last week we were talking in server class about "Dynamic Discs" and someone accidentally said "Dynamic Dick" lol.!

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fsck causes problems for me...,

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One day I will finally meet someone called Youslef and will continuinally misspell the name as Yourself

Oh god, you know me so well.

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