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How can I know who is accessing my computer?


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Hello guys,

How can I know who is accessing my computer,

If I'm in a network domain, Admin can access my files, and how can I see who is accessing, and is there any way to prevent this,

All im asking is like a dos CMD, or something done with windows XP Pro SP2.

Any Ideas?

Thanx :)

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If you are part of a domain, your adminstrator has access to your machine. If they use active directory and simple RDP, then when they access the machine remotely, it will lock you out. If they use something else, they may be able to watch what you do without your knowledge, even take control of the session. File sharing is different. If they are accessing a file share on the machine, you can see it in the task manager under the users tab. This will show you logged on users to the workstation, so long as they are using basic windows networking to access the machine. Bottom line, if you are part of the domain, like at work or something, you do as the administrator tells you, and don't mess with stuff your not supposed to. Don't get yourself in trouble.

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