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Wii Hard drive concept.. is it that hard?


Should the Wii get an hdd?  

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  1. 1. You decide

    • No! I like it just the way it is, Not going to buy another peripheral for this thing.
    • 500GB space PLZ! Gotta have it for all the video/gamesaves/music/VC downloads!
    • Mixed emotions
    • I own a 360/PS3, and I dont care
    • I smell a homebrew-a-thon

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Yes I know I have been an avid BITCHER about nintendo's design and implementation of the wii, but check this out..

So I am looking through my old photobucket album *havent even logged in in about a year er year n 1/2* and I come accross this pic I made from Bryce 4. This was before the wii even came out, and I thought it would be great if this happened (you kno it's old, look at the size.. I was trying to be practical at least) Hell, wish I still had the br4 file for it I would re-install bryce and tinker with the design some more.



So what do you think? Should nintendo go ahead and put some kind of implementation like this in production or should it be all said and done and nothing new till the Wii2 or ~?

BTW, no I cannot do Maya, blender, etc. It's like trying to tell me the theory of physics from a C++ point of view (i.e. I don't get it and probably never will....)

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Personally, I would love to see a hard drive on the wii, My primary counsel is my PS3 but that dosent stop me from loading up my wii with games from the virutral counsel store. Also I have a strong yearning for the ability to have more downloadable songs for rock band, but In the current state this is not possible, and as this article states, may never be possible.

why the wii will never get any better -it's a rant, but the author did his research and does bring up some important points.

Again, I would love to have some sort of external storage for the wii, but if this article is to be believed, it's just not in the books.


ALSO, like the renderings (epically the first one, seams more practicle/proportional)

You should give 3DS MAX, It is a VERY powerful program, that has a very reasonable learning curve (until you get to the rely advanced stuff)

PLUS there is a ton of tutorials for 3ds max.

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If it was that easy, Nintendo would have done it, no?

At least, I hope.

The Wii, until recently, didn't have a lot of content to fill up the average user's drive. Example: My roommates and I have a 360, but we're only using maybe 10 or 20 GBs of our 60 GB HD. Almost all of it is Skate 2 and GTA 4 being copied. Now that things are becoming tight, Ninty says they'll unlock the SD card for storage. 500 GBs is OVERkill for anything the Wii will ever use at this point.

Even still, Nintendo is right to worry about hackers stealing ROMs. Just because the games are old, doesn't mean they should be free/stolen.

PS- Dem 'shops are mad uggs.

PPS- Stop complaining about the Wii -- it's not the 360/PS3, never will be, and is FINE the way it is...

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Thats a pretty cool model for Bryce man. I remeber breaking my 3D teeth with Bryce 4 on my old 500MHz Celeron LOL. 3DSM is rather easy to pick up and for simple modeling easier the Bryce imho, Bryce is more of a "world Creator" while 3DSM is a full fledged 3D App.

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