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partioning a usb


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I already know that im just thinking of putting a payload on the first partition then putting distros on the others since im pretty sure that they will be detected in the bios. Kind of frustrated that mac and linux only have usb partition support. cuz it seems a waste 2 carry that many usb sticks with all my distros.

thank you for your help

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You are right, BIOS can see the partitions .. you may find this post interesting :


In order to create multiple partitions on a flash-drive under windows (any version)

you need to make windows see the flash-drive as a "Fixed" disk instead of "removable" .

There are 2 ways to do that :

1 : Use a filter-driver like the "Hitachi microdrive filter-driver",

this will make any device configured to use the driver appear to windows as "Fixed" or use

Anton Bassov's "dummydisk.sys" , the sourcecode is here :


This one requires no configuration, all removable disks will appear as "Fixed" .

2 : Change the removable media bit in the flash-drives controller .

For most flash-drives you will need the corresponding "Mass Production Tool" although

a few popular UFD's can be "hacked" with Lexar's "BootIt"-tool, these are known to work :

* Corsair Flash Voyager 16 GB

* Corsair Flash Voyager GT 4 GB (VID_1B1C&PID_1A90)

* Corsair Flash Voyager GT 16 GB

* Corsair Flash Survivor 32GB

* OCZ Rally2 32 GB


* Buffalo Firestixx 1 GB (RUF2-S)

(Any drive using the same controller-chip as one of the above is likely to work)

The advantage of this approach is that you will be able to mount more than the first partition

under windows without having to install drivers first .


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I use boot it all the time, very useful :)

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Omg iosys thank you the boot it tool worked like a charm it took like 1 second and when i plugged it back in it showed up like a hard drive thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

Good to hear it worked for you :)

For those of you who don't have a UFD that "BootIt" works on you might be

able to find the Mass Production Tool for your controller-chip here :


To correctly identify your controller, use "Chip Genius", also available from FlashBoot.ru

PLZ Do read the manual/help-file before using the MPT ..

or read some of the illustrated posts on flashboot.ru's forum before proceeding .


(Lexars "BootIt" is perfectly safe to use, it works or it doesn't, no harm done in either case)

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The Lexar app just works!

Used with Sandisk,Lexar,Sony,Verbatim,Trascend....no fault!


OK, do you remember the specific models you have had success with, so we can have them added

to the list of supported devices ?

I should probably add that there is a reason for why m$ has imposed this artificial limit :

It seems that windows is incapable of writing a correct MBR/Partition-table on flash-media

see f.ex :



or almost any Linux-geek board :)

and that is why you are usually advised to use the HP-format tool when creating a bootable UFD ..

The reason I keep mentioning the MPT's is that many controllers are multi-LUN capable, meaning that

instead of partitioning the same LUN into two "drives", you "physically" divide the available Flash-RAM into

two separate LUN's that will appear as separate "Fixed" storage-devices .

The LUN's themselves can of course also be partitioned .

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-Sandisk cruzer micro 1gb...old model...

-Kingston data traveler 2gb..green one...

-Sony microvault 2gb...bicolour..

-Trascend jet flash v30...4gb

-Verbatim "switch blade type"....blue one...4gb...

-Lexar white one....very small...transparent cap....4gb....

Hope it helps...


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