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Need Digram for Laptop CD ROM to Standard IDE


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Hi guys,

I need a diagram to connect a Normal IDE CD Rom To a laptop, Yes I can use a encloser for that, But the problem is laptop is very old, and the CD Rom doesn't work now. So I decided to try connecting a standard CD Rom to this, I think It can be done. So any body have a solution?

Thanx :)

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While the CD drive on the laptop will have a IDE interface, the actual connector could be wired up any number of ways. The only way to determine this would be to follow the traces on the motherboard on the laptop and figure which of the traces are pins 1 to 40 and which ones carry power, though the power carrying pins are likely to be physically bigger.

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How are you going to power the drive? The desktop optical drive will want to consume more power than the laptop is willing to provide, so while the interfaces are the same just different sockets you'll need to supplement power from some where.

I suppose you could link in a couple of usb ports just for power, but seems like bit of a waste of time to be given how cheap the adapters are now.

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I know that they have connectors that you can use for laptop drives (Some are removable) and it give it a USB out and a power supply. They probably have something like that for normal drives. I wish I could remember where I saw I want to get one now.

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