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hi, i was wondering if anyone knows if you can put any time limits on steady-state. when a person can be allowed to go on the internet (certain time limits example 2 pm to 5pm) or time limits for using any program and when a person is allowed to log on.

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I've not spent much time with steadystate but i know you can limit login times. And I have used a router software called dd-wrt (very good for lots of reasons btw) which allows you to set limits on the times specific MAC's or IP's can browse the internet.

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yeah like VaKo said if you just want to limit a certain computers access to the web or limit which apps/ports they can use over the internet most newer router firmwares can easily handle that. you could always use the parental controls settings in windows to limit a certain user on a computer but not limit the actual computer itself.

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I have found that the Parental Control Settings work pretty well in windows, of course you can take it to another level with third party tools, bit Windows does what it is advertised to do(Web restrictions and such). Methods vary from Vista to XP but here is a quick outline for some of the tools. Be sure to set it up before you turn on steady state.

Limit Account login times

Start > Run > CMD >

Turn on Account Restrictions

net user ACCOUNT NAME /times:M-F,8am-8pm;Sa,8am-5pm;Su,8am-1pm

Turn Off Account Restrictions

net user ACCOUNT NAME /times:all


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