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Project idea: Unauthorized Physical Security Breach Detector with Automatic Physical Power Cut-off


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Hello fellow hackers!

First of all, sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum. I didn't know how to categorize this topic.

Feel free to move it if it´s malplaced.

I was thinking of something that I and many of my friends would like to have.

It´s a "unauthorized physical breach detector" that cuts the power to the computer if a PIN isn´t entered within 10 seconds. I think it could also be coupled with a siren like a home anti-burglary system.

The Idea is that the machine(s) you have should automatically shut off if someone gains unauthorized access to either you home/computer room/computer cabinet. Authorization could be done by entering a predefined PIN on a keypad in your hallway or something like that. So in a way it´s just like a home security alarm, you know one of those where you have like 10 seconds to enter a PIN to stop the countdown to the home alarm. But with the difference that it cuts the power to computer(s) instead of sounding an alarm.

Detection of a physical breach could easily be implemented with a little "door gap detector" that is triggered as soon as your door is opened, be it cabinet or front door of your house/apt.

Like this: Door_Gap_Detector.jpg

And the Pin could be entered on a PIN numeric keypad.

Like this: code-keypad-for-access-control-121114.jp

How could this be built as affordable and easy as possible?

Please post all your ideas and thoughts on this.

Maybe I´ll build it and report back with images/video.

Thank you!


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