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Teletext Simulator 2: Crippled BBS Edition


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Remember my old Teletext simulator? No? Well it's back, and this time it's quite a lot less shit.

Last time around I wrote a custom client thing which was horrible, nasty and Windows only. All in all, it was crap. As the UK digital TV switchover (and thus the demise of Teletext) looms I decided to have another crack at the project and this time, well, it doesn't suck.

OK, so it's still Windows only, but this time around it's all done server-side. The client end is totally cross-platform though requiring only a telnet client capable of rendering ANSI and an internet connection. It's still a test right now but the server binary is available and you can create your own pages pretty easily.

Find out more at http://moonlitcode.wordpress.com/2009/03/1...3-test-release/.


TelNEXT in telnet on Fedora


TelNEXT in Putty on Windows 7


TelNEXT in Putty on Windows Mobile

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