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WhAts detected in APE_USB


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OK im going to undetect the detections inside this project so no antivirus will pick them up when running, i wont be using a crypter ill be hexing them out, ill share them when complete

Please compile a list of detected exe's for me to work on

Also as im not fully understood with these usb hacks just a way of testing each file to see if it still works

So ill be starting with PWDUMP, currently, Comodo 1053 3.8 Unclassified Malware

i need to know how to test this file to know it still works

hope this makes sence :)

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dont upload to virustotal!!!! never, virustotal distribute their samples so now other AV will tag it, use



make sure you click advanced and click the box that says "do not distribute this sample" else they pass the samples on to AV for money and it will get tagged again and make more work

please dont upload there again, im working solid on this to undetect them

thanks for understanding

edit: to correct link

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