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Ettercap On Mac


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Hey everyone! Today my new computer came in the mail. My mac! i have been playing around with it all day. I have been using nmap, metasploit, etc...But, i have been trying to get ettercap to work. I cd to the ettercap directory and type ./configure (just as the install directions say) and everything goes correctly until the next step. I type make (as it says) and i get no target specified. I have googled it and nothing has been right so far. Any help or pointers in the right direction would be great! Thanks for you time!



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http://ettercap.darwinports.com/ you might also want to look in github, finkproject.com and a few other places that port this kind of stuff for easy use.

And to answer your question:

Redownload the package and remove all old remnants

Open the configure script

Search for the line that say something like "$OS" != "MACOSX", you need to change this line to say "$OS" != "DARWIN"

Make sure you are root and

./configure && make && make install


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What is with people apologizing for double/triple posting? I see it all the time here. I believe you can delete your own posts, so why not do that instead of posting yet again with an apology and leaving the orginal duplicates to what you're trying to get across in the topic?

Edit: Nevermind I guess you cant on this forum, but stilll, how do you get to the point of double/triple posting something in the first place?

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