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I'm in need of a specific harddrive!


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Unless you're trying to recover the keys to the universe (or something equally as important) I'd just replace the drive. it's a lot of time, effort and energy to try to repair a drive which no longer works and it's not even close to guaranteed that it'll work. Next time, tell him to keep backups.

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.. personally it sounds to me to be a waste of time... how much is he paying for this? if it was under 300, I wouldnt do it.. actually I would want more. Even if you found another of the same hard drive, you would need to make sure that A. The chips are the same, and B. That it was made relatively at the same time and/or factory to even fathom it to work.

THEN you would need a clean room/special tools/ALOT OF PATIENCE AND TIME, and that STILL doesnt mean it would work....

Hard drives are actually low level calibrated and formatted @ the factory. This is something you cannot do. The chips inside that exact drive know the structure of the drive and calibration, and nothing else. And that calibration and structure can be totally different from even the next hard drive off the production line.

btw, regular low level formatting is not the same as @ the hard drive factory. Because @ the factory it is done via a machine that formats the platters and at the same time hardflashes the chips for those platters. When you 'LOW LEVEL FORMAT' a drive, all the os does is tell the hard drive's chips to do so, and it does a not so low level format, but does the job most of the time. You would have to know about the surface of the hard drive/vs speed and distance to know what I am talking about.

more here:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disk_formatting

So in short, unless you have a machine that you can manually suck the info out of the chips that are on that drive now, it's not going to work, because when you got it back together, with another drive's firmware, you would most probably either see nothing but disk drive calibration errors OR no data on the hard drive would be shown, and it would be as if the data never existed.

But the problem is that he need some work related pictures .. wink.gif

sounds like you friend gets: EPIC HARD DRIVE BACKUP FAIL!!


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