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Arduino Server/Service Monitor


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I’ve successfully written a bash script that runs once every minute. The script detects whether or not my server is online by issuing a simple ping request. Based on results of the ping request(s), the arduino will display a green LED when the server is online or a red LED if the server is offline.

The project also notifies me when I get a new email on my gmail accoun, when a user hits my webpage, when an outbound call is made through my asterisk server, or when a call is received on my asterisk server.

My suspicion is that I can actually script this project to work with an actual nagios server.

I've attached some pics of the final product, but there are more pictures (and the code for the project) at my project page:





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sorry for the delay...my site is back online. Let me know if you have any questions..

also as an update. I have the lamp blinking the blue LED twice whenever someone hits my site, and it blinks red twice whenever an inbound or outbound call is made from my asterisk server :)

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