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Old and crappy laptop


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Well my old and crappy laptop that I was attempting to convert to an e-book reader is too old and too crappy. (and is slowly dying)

So, i was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on another model of old and crappy laptops.

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<Pentium 1: Install Windows 3.1 and use Windows Write to keep a to-do list. If not, use it as a paperweight for your physical paper to-do list. Possibly a giant Gameboy, use no$gb on MSDOS for the emulator.

Pentium 1/2: Digital photo frame, basic file/print/web/ssh server, net radio player, Linux test rig, test bed for old OSs, serial terminal.

>Pentium 2: Media player/media center, console/computer emulator, TV (with TV tuner or Zattoo), router, carputer.

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paper weight.. lol j/k

a. wall mounted twitter/tamagotchie/etc. player

b. irc box

c. slow settings backup box

I've got one mounted in a picture frame and it's running Rainmeter with 10foot HUD (Time, date, weather) and John's background switcher. Each hour it updates the weather report and pulls a random picture off flickr.

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I guess i worded the question a little weird because no one read it correctly.

I'm not asking what to do with my laptop, (going to throw it away) I'm asking what used laptop should I buy (what to look for when i'm browsing ebay or junk shops)

All it needs to do is read PDF's and thats it.


I accidently stumbled upon this DT Research WEB DT366

This would be cool, ALSO i've alaws wanted a way to walk away from my computer and bring my screen with me (like instructions or diagrams for working on my car) These thing can run Remote desktop.

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My error. I would recommend a Dell Latitude x300 (2nd gen with the 1.4GHz ULV Pentium-M), its an ultra-portable machine that with a few upgrades (linux compatible wifi, new battery and a larger hard disk) will make an excellent little machine. You can get them for cheap on ebay, and as a bonus I'm damn sure the folks who designed the Mac Air used it as inspiration.

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