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Get All of Hak5 episodes


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Some scripts that I wrote to get all of the episodes in case anyone's interested. They haven't been tested yet for obvious reasons (it'll slow my net down to almost a halt rofl).





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I need to grab all the old stuff since I just stumbled upon hak5 earlier this week. I'll be the labrat on this one, I can tell you right away by looking at it that it will not get any of the s1 apps because you forgot the wget syntax on those lines :)

I never used a mass wget script like this so I had a slight fear that it might try and execute all the wgets at once. I did a quick test script with just 3 episodes and they do go 1 and a time. So just add the wget before the s1 urls and the download part will work fine. I am going to do it now and I'll let you know if the other scripts work once I get to that point.

For the newbs out there, this will not work on windows unless your using cygwin...

Simply copy/paste the code into a new document using vi, nano, pico, etc save it, chmod +x to give it execute permissions, then run it with ./filename (unless you put in your bin dir, not recommended since the script will download the files to the dir that the script resides in)

Thanks for the scripts JohnyCake, this will save me some time for sure.

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Yeah, I noticed that this morning when I got up and noticed that I didn't have the season 1 files xD. Updated: http://jonnnycake.kicks-ass.net/hak5/getfiles. And no problem - I figured someone might get a use out of it :P. Also, the rename part will be buggy unless you have the updated script since the last line moves season 1 so that it can be renamed by the way I'm trying it. If there's anything else buggy with it, let me know and I'll fix it.


Oh, and http://jonnycake.kicks-ass.net/hak5/archive. The rename script didn't rename them the way I was hoping so I had to change when I move the files to the season directories.


New problem, the first few episodes of season 1 are not the url that I have them as, you'll have to download them seperately and rename them manually as they aren't the same file type.

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