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Alternative Approach to the HakHouse Rover


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Hi Guys

Recently i've been looking into using a OpenWRT hacked Fon 2.0 beta as the interface between a Rover and PC.

My initial ideas were to connect the Fon to an Arduino board via USB, and sending it commands via a USB-to-Serial driver installed on the USB port.

Having some kind of TCP Server/AJAX interface to send commands to the Fon, which would then send commands down USB to control the cars motors via the digital outputs on the Arduino.

I was also thinking of using the PHP exec() function to send commands to the Arduino, something like this;

exec("echo 'Hello Arduino' > /dev/ttyUSB0")

Ive done some research, and in terms of the arduino to fon USB-serial connection this seems pretty straight forward, but I cant find anything on configuring the USB port on the fon as a serial port.








Any suggestions or contributions to this to-be-launched project would be greatly appreciated.

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Im currently doing somthing very simlar, instead of controling a RC car im controling my whole room, lights, tv radio ect. Im using the first Fon, the 2100, it has an inbuilt serial port . By connecting the TX and GND to the ardinos RX and GND, using DD-WRT data can be sent using:

echo "data" > /dev/tts/0

There seemed to be a problem with the DD-WRT running scripts from a browser so ive moveing on to Openwrt, ill let you no if i find anything else.

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I'm also doing something like this...

I'm using a Linksys WRT54G v2 with OpenWRT and a Arduino with the router's serial interface connected to digital pins 1,0, and GND.

I seem to have acquired a barbie jeep over time.. I might gut it and make my own base for it. Using the parts from the jeep.

Links for reference:

http://www.jbprojects.net/projects/wifirobot/ (not mine)


http://i45.tinypic.com/1zv5xf6.jpg - random




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