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my server help


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i need help after hours of the files not copying it finally got thourgh installing

windows 2000 server

but i have a problem im not use the operating system yet how do you put it online now ?

its connected to my router but its not saying its connected or online

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windows 2000 may not have an indicator to tell you your online (i cant remember.. been a long time since i used 2k)

1. Check to ensure your network card is installed properly.

Goto ->start->Administrative Tools->System-> Click on the Hardware Tab (i think that's it)->click on Device Manager.

Check to see if anything has a yellow icon on it, or a red x through it as this would indicate that something is either not installed or is conflicting with other resources.

If it has a yellow icon beside network and internet devices, then you need to download the drivers for the network card, in which you will need to find the manufacturer for that card to get the right drivers for it.

2. Check your tcp/ip settings for the network card.

GOTO->start->Administrative Tools->Network Connections->Right click on the network connection (if there is one)-> select properties -> Now click on TCP/IP and click the properties button. Now ensure that your network settings are correct. (are you running static addresses or DHCP?) If you are running DHCP (which is what I assume you are doing) then make sure everything in the tcp/ip setting are on "Obtain an Ip Address Automatically" and "Obtain DNS server address automatically", and click apply. If you are not running DHCP (or dynamic addressing) then you will need to find out what IP address you need to use, in which case you will need to elaborate more on your network for us.

Hope this helps?!

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