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Gotta crawl before you walk


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I am not going to lie, i am a complete noob when it comes to the topic of computers. Yes i know the very basics, but i have always wanted to learn how to hack, how to become more effective at removing viruses, and just how to become a better tech. So the question i pose is. What do you recommend as the best thing for me to do to begin my training in the way of hacking

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best thing I would say is watch alot of the hak5 episodes, try them yourself, experiment, try them on other networks (preferably not illegally but we know the best way to learn :P) read some books on networking, etc. The more you learn the more you will think about it in the way that you can do it.

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You need to lurk, read up on subjects you see people talking about and most importantly start playing around with computers. I've learnt so much in life by taking on subjects I knew nothing about and just fooling around with stuff.

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