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Function Keys in XP Home!!!


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Hey guys. I have alittle problem and was hoping that some of you Windows buffs can help me out. I was playing around with an XP "Performance Booster" (XP Smoker) and after doing the tune up, all of my function keys were disabled. An example: Pressing Fn+F9 opened my Task Manager. After the tune up, it does nothing. My volume controls, power adjustments, battery adjustments, nothing works anymore.

I tried setting all XP settings back to default and using a Restore Point. Neither of these options worked. Does anyone have any idea on how to reverse this or how to reassign the keys? I am primarily a Linux user so I'm not too familiar with editing the Registry and all that.

Any help would be nice. *Note, reformatting is not an option. I am on a netbook and aside from having no CDROM, I do not wish to lose all of my information. :)

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