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Anyone have Hak5 episodes in one folder I can wget from?


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I'm pretty new to Hak5 (started watching only last Oct), but can't you just download Season 4 from the podcasts on iTunes, and then do what you want with them from there?

anyway I can get the earlier episodes 'like Season 1/2'

(I know some of them are on Youtube?)



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Thanks for your replies guys. Nah I will just download them manually.

Are you on windows? If so, you can use wget to pull them down from the RSS feeds.

Something I made a long time ago: http://www.twistedpairrecords.com/digip/wget_podcast.rar

If not on windows but using linux, you just need to modify the script a bit and instead of using the vbs file I have to strip out the links, you just creat a .sh script or grep to do it instead then feed it back to wget.

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