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Really apple?


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Apple are notorious for this kinda stunt. They have a well documented past of charging the earth for upgrades, despite the Mac Pro stock config being very well priced. Last time I looked a fully tricked out Dell workstation with 32GB of RAM was half the price of a similar Apple system, but the stock config was heavily priced in Apples favour. Makes sense really, the type of people who buy systems like that will want Apple kit and only want a few. The people who buy Dell workstations will probally order them by the pallet load. They know there market, and while they will never take over from Microsoft as top dog they will always have a place.

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You would need to get 4GB sticks over the 2GB ones you have there as most Mac's only have room for 2.

He would also need to take those back and get RAM that will actually fit.

That price Apple has for that RAM is not that expensive, yes you will save $200 to do it your self. When you do a custom order it's done by hand not a machine.

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