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LPInstaller not compatable with cruzer


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Ok, first real post starts here..

I have new sandisk cruzer micro 4Gb U3 drive, when i load LPInstaller its telling me i the sandisk is not compatable have a compatable drive, i have tried formatting the read/write partition.

the lpinstaller from scandisk works fine.

I think this is strange as this model is the one in the tutorial :S

Model number --> SDCZ6-4096RB

Any help guys

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lol too late, i ran it on my other machine with xp installed, the lpinstaller worked but never actualy coppied the files so i tried the universal one, it found the drive and was laoding the iso but then i had a power cut.

im sure its 'bricked' (i have a seperate topic on this)

i would post more details on the errors i had but i think its pointless as i have no U3 :'(

but thanks for your help :)

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